Secure Network as a Service

Software defined, Data science & Economics

Start operating in under 30 minutes

Switchnomix helps enterprises innovate on data science driven business outcomes by operating their networks securely & economically.  This is powered by its next generation, multi-vendor, highly scalable, cloud-based network switch management to enable business growth by addressing the massive growth of network data with a flexible consumption model.

Real-time data science driven network & security operations

Network & Security Operational Excellence

  • Lights-out management (LOM). This means that networks are operated remotely, eliminating the need for truck rolls.
  • Simple deployment in under 30 minutes – Install switch, configure IP, install certificates, and point to Switchnomix Cloud for real-time management & operations
  • Zero downtime for configuration updates
  • Always in compliance network
  • Vendor diversity, switch port diversity (1G – 100G), and highly Scalable
  • Centralized Port/VLAN-based policy management

No Coding Automation

  • Built-in “Push On Green”
  • On-demand or automated configuration/policy changes to network
  • Eliminate dependency on vendor specific API
  • Reduce automation costs 

Economic Benefits

  • Superior time to value (TTV) – within minutes and hours
  • Minimal WAN bandwidth costs due to efficient telemetry data
  • Built-in data management
  • Business Flexibility
  • SaaS based usage Subscription – monthly pricing with no terms or contracts
  • Fully isolated per-tenant cloud infrastructure with no commingling of data

Business Outcomes

  • Built-in standardized data-driven KPIs with graphs and charts
  • Real-time visibility of network vitals and other key metrics
  • Dynamic switch capacity management and port mirroring 
  • Traffic shaping and bandwidth control

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