Local Survivability with Switchnomix Cloud and On-Premises Network Traffic Analysis

for Enterprise and Branch offices

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Switchnomix Edge Platform

Local Survivability
  • Augment Switchnomix Cloud Platform on-premise to cover network partitioning
  • Edge Appliance Software is fully auto-managed by Switchnomix Cloud via secure connectivity, eliminating truck rolls.
Single Point Egress
  • Some enterprise security policies dictate that any external traffic must be routed via single egress
Network Traffic Analysis
  • On-premises network traffic analysis
  • Only relevant data is sent to Switchnomix cloud to control, enrich and visualize analytics
  • Augment network & security operations with key business outcomes such as device identification, compliance, micro-segmentation, and zero-touch provisioning (ZTP)
Edge Hardware Appliance Vendors
  • Rhino Labs Inc
  • Additional x86 based hardware options to be certified

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