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Networks today are constantly evolving and boast several novel features – “always-on,” cloud-enabled applications, IoT, etc. However, enterprises have not been able to fully benefit from commoditization and advances in networking, notably 10 or 100 Gig. This is primarily due to insufficient APIs for extracting information from devices, forcing a lock on custom network automation and reducing network diversity. Other reasons include:

  • Inadequate skills and training for employees
  • Limited flexibility over time from outsourcing to a managed services vendor

Switchnomix addresses these limitations using modern technological features and analytics for business growth.

Relevant Business Analytics from Real-Time Network Data

Switchnomix LENS is designed to process large amounts of telemetry data in real time from hundreds of thousands of network elements. The data is used to provide relevant business outcomes, specific visualizations, detect anomalies, and even push policies to control network elements in real time. LENS dashboards are also standardized for easy consumption.

Multi-vendor Switch Management

Built on LENS, Switchnomix Cloud securely gathers network information from switches directly. Moreover, the technology utilizes standardized protocols to collect, monitor and control relevant network data in real time from commercially available off-the-shelf switches (COTS) – including Cisco, Allied Telesis, HPE Aruba, and even white boxes running Open vSwitch – without changes to their firmware or breaking warranty.

Easy to Upgrade, Downgrade, or Replace a Switch

Switchnomix Cloud automatically adapts to network switch changes, so an upgrade or downgrade is uncomplicated and fast. This also means you don’t need agents, neither do you have to install any other hardware or software. Businesses can, therefore, easily replace a 1 Gig switch with a 100 Gig switch without changes to their software or likewise, downgrade from 100 Gig to 10 Gig.  Besides, you don’t need to keep track of vendor APIs.

Switchnomix LENS technology automatically collects real-time data and translates it into understandable visuals on the cloud console. The facility for data visualization, including LENS dashboards, are pre-built by Switchnomix in-house data scientists and are instantly available for use with no extra programming or maintenance.



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