Operate multi-vendor networks securely with no-code automation and standardized dashboards

for Enterprise and Branch offices

Start operating in under 30 minutes

Switchnomix Cloud

Network & Security Operational Excellence
  • Agentless real-time monitoring based on streaming telemetry from the switch
  • Agentless Switch configuration updates in real-time with no reboot
  • Switch onboarding is less than 30 minutes, most of which is for certificate provisioning unique to each device
  • Network Hygiene – Cloud centralized configuration and view of entire network VLANs, ACLs, switches, and ports. No need to log into each switch to configure VLANs, ACLs, etc. Push a policy or configuration update to thousands of switches in seconds – helps address zero-day attacks. Get real-time compliance view.
  • No cost for certificates or need for certificate management system (CMS)
  • Switchnomix Cloud platform seamlessly supports multi-vendor switches from leading COTS vendors with superior flexibility and port diversity (1, 10, 100G)
  • Superior Time-to-Value
  • Stability – worry less about staff skills, along with process and vendor restrictions.
  • Uninhibited growth by implementing modern & innovative network management. This significantly reduces operating costs and risk – including legacy technology or lack of vendor diversity
  • Flexibility of infrastructure (ex: equipment reuse by moving it from cold to hot zone)
  • Built-in data management – no logs to store or disks to add
  • Minimal WAN bandwidth costs due to efficient use of streaming telemetry
  • No need for additional hardware/software/API licenses for configuring and managing switch hardware
No-code Automation
  • Built-in “Push On Green” process enables safe and controlled updates to production switches automatically and minimal user-visible downtime.
  • On-demand /automated configuration/policy changes to network
  • Eliminate dependency on vendor specific APIs
  • Reduce automation costs
Business Outcomes
  • Built-in Standardized dashboards provided by data driven KPIs with graphs and charts
  • Real-time visibility of network vitals & other key metrics
  • Outcome driven real-time visualizations such as dynamic switch capacity management, port mirroring, traffic shaping, and bandwidth control
Switch Hardware Support
  • Allied Telesis – x230, x510, x930, SB x908 Gen2
  • Cisco – Catalyst 9K Series (9300, 9400, 9500, 9500H)
  • HPE Aruba – 2390F/M, 3810M
  • Open vSwitch – version 2.10+

Simple Switch Onboarding

01.IP Address

Configure management IP address for switch

02.Install Certificates

Create trustpoint, generate keys and install switch certificates

03.Switchnomix Cloud

Point the switch to Switchnomix Cloud controller

Switch onboarding with Switchnomix is a day-zero and day-one activity and can be completed within 30 minutes. Besides, most of the 30 minutes are for provisioning switch certificates, which is a manual process. 

In just 3 simple steps, the switch is configured to leverage Switchnomix Cloud

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